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Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advances (MCA’s) are otherwise known as a purchase of future receivables and are one of the quickest ways to obtain financing. 

Financial Consultation
What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A merchant cash advance or 'MCA' is a form of business financing in which a lump-sum of funding is given to a business in exchange for an agreed-upon percentage of future revenues or credit card sales. Merchant cash advances come in various forms and often have shorter durations and smaller remittance amounts than business term loans, making them ideal for small business owners who need flexible options to satisfy their funding due to fluctuating revenue.

Put simply, we provide a lump sum amount of cash based on an anticipated amount of credit card/debit card sales from your business operations.The purpose of a merchant cash advance is to accelerate the business owner’s cash flow, allowing the capacity to take quick advantage of upcoming growth opportunities.

Fast Financing For Your Business

Businesses who accept credit card payments and are in need of quick capital are ideal candidates. Remember, aside from being simple and have a much easier application process, a merchant cash advance provides flexibility with variable payments based on business receivables. If your business has high credit card sales, revenue receivables, or is seasonal, then a merchant cash advance might be ideal for you.

Loan Amount From $5,000 - $500,000

Avg. Term Length  3 - 24 Months 

No Collateral Requirements 

No Application Fees

Merchant Cash Advance Details
Qualifying Criteria: 
  • 550+ credit score

  • 12+ months in business

  • $10,000+ average monthly bank deposits

Required Items:
  • Signed one page funding application

  • 3-5 most recent business bank statements

  • Business tax returns (not all cases)


  • With flexibility on what you can use the funds for, a cash advance is a great short-to-mid-term solution for many business cases.

  • Remittances will always be the same each month so that there are no unforeseen expenses based upon the fluctuation of your revenue.

  • Because MCAs look forward and not backward, they are typically easier to qualify for even if you do not have strong business credit. 


  • If you would like to request that the remittances are in accordance with the revenue fluctuations that will have to be adjusted after the month has ended.

  • MCAs are shorter in duration which means they may not be as effective for financing long term growth objectives.

  • Business cash advances can be more expensive than other alternative funding structures.

Why Choose Us?

Unlike traditional banks and other alternative lenders, at The Business Lending Group, we truly value your business. Your success is most important to us, so we’ll never over-leverage your business by offering you more funding than you can handle. Our simple application and quick approval process makes it easy for you to get the working capital your business needs, and our experienced funding consultants will walk with you every step of the way.

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